Oxford Combined College

Oxford Combined School has the following main Objectives:

1.    To teach learners what they need so that the end product is a person who feels good about him/herself and who can earn a living even after 12 or more years of what passes for education in the Republic of South Africa.

2.    To teach learners to learn what real learning is, instead of knowing the answers when measured by examination.

3.    To teach learners to know that real learning is a cast of mind, a habit of life, a way of thinking about things, a way of growing and changing.

4.    To teach learners to first believe in themselves before they can really learn.

5.    To base teaching not only on analytical intelligence (the sort we measure in IQ), tests in most examinations, but also on other kinds of intelligence (musical, spatial, linguistics, kinetics and the new idea of emotional intelligence.

6.    To motivate educators to discover what talent form of intelligence exist in a learner so that the learner can feel good at something with a portfolio of skills he/she can use to earn a living in the world of work.

The College’s Secondary objectives are as follows:

1.    To be a solution oriented organization, staffed with people who have integrity and very high skill level in appropriate fields. To be expert at satisfying customer needs via quality teaching.

2.    To be a customer responsive organization which is unencumbered by bureaucracy?

3.    To establish long-term relationship with customers (i.e. all stakeholders, viz: parents, learners, business, education department and government)

4.    To be an equal opportunity employer, providing an environment conducive to career development and personal growth for all staff.

5.    To develop and conduct programmes to help under privileged individuals uplift themselves through realization of their own potential.

6.    To promote support sporting talent.

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